Build Momentum

Have you ever taken on a task that seems so difficult that you don’t even know where to begin? Once you lay your hands on it, you often find yourself in action where you’ve built up so much momentum that you feel unstoppable. The the thought process is flowing and you’re accomplishing tasks left and right. This is a great feeling, but getting there can sometimes can be a task by itself. Here are some suggestions to help you get to that point with built-up momentum and maximize your potential.

1. Prioritize your Work.
You may have several things to do, but tackling the most challenging task first can help you accomplish what you need to when you are freshest, starting your day. So make a list of what needs to be done, and then prioritize the list so that the most important tasks are the ones you do first. This can help you avoid distractions and help you get things done.
2. Remember- You are your Own Boss.
You are your own boss. Although that fact does come with its fair share of stress and responsibility, it also comes with the freedom to schedule your workday to accomplish your most important tasks and execute them to the optimum level. Maximize the benefits of being in control by delegating tasks to team members when possible. Ask for help when you need it, and take breaks when you are feeling too overwhelmed. Sometimes, just the thought of being in the driver’s seat of your business is enough to get you through a difficult project.
       Short Story:
Pedro, a professional Photographer was told that a Twin-Engine Plane would be Waiting at the Airport.
Arriving at the Airport he spotted a Plane warming up outside the hanger.
He jumped in, said ‘Lets go’.
The Pilot taxied and took off.
Once in the air Pedro told the Pilot: ‘Fly Low over the Valley so I can take Pictures of the Fire on the hill’
Pilot : Why.?
Pedro : Bcoz I’m the Photographer for a News Channel. I need to get some close up shots.
Pilot was strangely silent for a moment, then he stammered ‘So, what You’re telling me is . . . You’re Not My Flying Instructor’?.
Life is Short…
3. Block all negative thoughts and stay positive.
You’ve no doubt heard about the power of positive self-talk. Not surprisingly, negative self-talk is just as powerful, so it’s important that you tune it out. Anytime you catch yourself having a negative thought, remember that it is only hindering your productivity, not helping it. Replace it with a positive thought or motivational message. Positivity goes a long way in building the momentum you need to accomplish your goals.
4. Be focused and avoid distractions.
What types of things distract you from working on the task at hand? Is it your phone, your peers, market rejections or failures in past performances that distract you? Maybe you should put all these on sleep mode. Reward yourself with some “fun” time on your social networks when you’re done with your project. Socialize with friends other than work. Distractions come in all shapes and sizes, so identify what distracts you and put yourself in a situation where they don’t get in your way. Remain focused on your desired goals to maintain your momentum.
5. Stay away from negative people.
Some people display negative behavior always : constantly complaining, persistently blaming others, and always having a reason they don’t succeed. These people should not be in your immediate circle, and they certainly shouldn’t work for you, as they may bring down not only you but your team as well. Surround yourself with people who will be your cheerleaders, motivators and who are as ambitious and result oriented as you are. You will be much better equipped to build your momentum with positive people around you.
6. Keep Records- Maintain a Tally.
The busier our lives become, the harder it gets to remember what we actually accomplished by the end of the day or week. Keep some sort of tally or list to remind you what you completed and motivate you to continue. Such a record will also serve show you how much you are really accomplishing on a regular basis.
Building momentum is crucial to continuous goal accomplishment in your business…!

Published by Adv. Nishant K. Makasare

Entrepreneur, Business & Transformational Coach.

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