Defeat Your Fears…!!

“Like a Child fears the Dark, An Adult fears the Future”.

Try and recollect what have been your fears in the past? In School-Your first exam? Your first soccer match? Your first Public Performance? Its absolutely normal to have fears about various things in our lives, but it is important to develop the strength and prepare in advance and you will overcome those fears and move on. The fear of failing has helped most people fail…!!!
Situations are unpredictable and the only thing prima facie that helps you surpass adverse situations is the ability and strength to deal with it in the right way.The strength is not in your arms… its in your mind.

Visualize and practice going through the event or activity. img_9429

Many Sports Champions, Athletes as well as Professional Artists and Performers admit to visualizing themselves winning repeatedly before they actually attempt doing that act. The power of positive thinking should not be underestimated, and visualizing yourself succeeding can help you believe in yourself that you can truly do it. your Subconscious mind controls your conscious mind. now its up to you what resides in your Subconscious Mind. Positive Visualization alone can’t win you accolades or awards, however, so make sure you practice as much as possible. Whether it’s your sales presentation or an opportunity meeting with a prospect, practice alone, in front of others, while looking in the mirror, or recording yourself. The acts of visualizing and practicing will also ease your fear of failure.

The Power of A Positive Mental Attitude.

The most important step towards moving forward is having a positive mental attitude. You cant scale heights with the fear of falling. You go to think of climbing rather than falling. Feed your mind with positive stuff and watch the body achieve it. Winning is a result of a Wining Attitude.

 Preparation & Study.Processed with MOLDIV

An integral part of Preparation is to study. Studying isn’t connected to only schooling but studying can be pertinent to your direct sales business too. You should be constantly studying your projects, market behavior, brochures, new offers, next strategy etc. You cant afford to be caught off guard about your business or the company you represent. Efficient studying and ample preparation are more than worth your investment of time and can help you overcome your fear of the unknown.

Stay Away from Negativity, focus on Positivity instead.

Negativity is a an aspect that will always keep you away from winning. It could be loose talks, negative autosuggestions or people in your life who question your abilities or voice their doubts about your chances of success. Instead, tune in to the positivity you find with people who are successful and full of positivity. “A piece of coal keeps burning in a furnace, if it is separated from the furnace it is bound to go off. You need to choose your company, it could be your supportive friends and family, and of course yourself. Pat your back, cheer yourself and explore new horizons.


Published by Adv. Nishant K. Makasare

Entrepreneur, Business & Transformational Coach.

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