Life Lesson- Have Learning Attitude

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”
―Mohandas K. Gandhi

Being a successful learner starts with having a positive attitude towards learning. A positive attitude lets you relax, remember, focus and absorb information as you learn. Learning does not  only focus on gathering information but sets a path for transformation. transformation of an attitude, transformation in thinking & transformation of information to knowledge.

Develop a Positive Attitude

Your attitude towards life is responsible of how you are going to experience of it. the most powerful attitude of learning helps you gain the best experiences of life. 

For example, when you are in a  negative life situation, if your attitude is to feel dejected, left out, to whine, complain for faster learning you will never allow yourself to really get a sense of the learning that this situation is trying to provide you – and when you don’t “learn”, what needs to be learnt, you just keep repeating the same life situation again and again and wonder- why me… until you finally are enlightened, after which a new reality can come through.

If you see yourself constantly repeating the past (like living the same negative experiences in other areas  also) it just means you are not learning and hence there is no positive growth in your reality.

Positive Attitude: Life Learning- Have Learning Attitude by The Sixth Element

The immediate reaction people have when they are in a negative situation is to feel dejected, they complain, respond negatively and be frustrated, rather than having the attitude of allowing what arises and bringing awareness to their inner self to get a sense of the negative behavior or feelings within them that this reality is reflecting – such an attitude is a complete shift in paradigm from the old attitude of being anxious about a negative situation

The simple way life works is that when you’ve really learnt everything that you need to learn from a present, you shall be ready to move to a new or next phase.

“If you look at life positively, in a situation you either Win or you Learn. Failures or discomfort of not achieving what you desire (as I call it) is nothing but a teaching in disguise. You just need to move the veil and there you are with a brand new learning that helps you in the next reality of life.”

Positive Attitude: Life Learning- Have Learning Attitude by The Sixth Element

Embrace Change

Accept Change: Life Learning- Have Learning Attitude by The Sixth Element

Any situation always works from inside to outside – its the inner movement that creates the outer being, or rather it’s our inner energy that attracts our external situation. So if you want a change in your situation, guess what needs to change first? – your inner space. By this Internal Change, I don’t mean you need to change who you naturally are, rather you need to change your maturity level, take a broader look, let go of inner resistances and strengthen your understanding.

Who you are naturally actually marks how unique you are, and it’s something you need to align with, but your maturity level and your learning attitude can keep becoming strong eternally – in your physical life, you will never reach a point where you have nothing to learn, if you think you’ve reached such a point, you are basically living in denial or in a super ego. You probably let your ego take over your natural senses.

Look at the Situation as an Opportunity to Learn

Opportunity To Learn: Life Learning- Have Learning Attitude by The Sixth Element

As we all know that situations in life are always in a teaching mode, why would you allow yourself to be affected by negative situations, instead of seeing it as a platform for learning and growing as a person? Instead of the attitude of, Why me? Why am I in this situation? we need to develop the attitude of, what am I going to learn from this situation. The first thing is you will stop whining in self-pity and would hence not keep perpetuating a negative life situation for long, you will learn, grow and move on to an improved situation.

Worrying, blaming, complaining and being anxious serves absolutely to be unfruitful, instead it does the opposite by creating more resistance – it’s a complete waste of time & energy when you indulge in any of these kind of behaviors.

If you want change, look within and changes in you that have attracted your current situation. You need to separate your inner self from the negativities that you may have attracted in that adverse situation.

Opportunity To Learn: Life Learning- Have Learning Attitude by The Sixth Element

Being Teachable is As important as Learning 

Being Teachable: Life Learning- Have Learning Attitude by The Sixth Element

Many a times we see instances where people don’t budge from their point of view or are under the feeling that I know it all. In any reality when things are not going right, there is the highest probability that you ain’t doing it right. This realization is also a learning. You need to learn that you have to learn. Life and adversities are the best teachers you can naturally have. But if a student refuses to learn even the master of masters can’t teach you. You need to help yourself first for the others to turn around and help you. Learning will only increase the odds of changing the situation or tackle it more maturely and wisely.

Be aware and Learn Faster

Be Aware: Life Learning- Have Learning Attitude by The Sixth Element

By being aware learning gets faster. At times, people ask about how to let go of negativity after bringing awareness to it – if you notice, this is an inherently illogical question, it’s like asking how to stop eating bad food when you’ve become aware that it’s bad – well, you just stop feeding it to yourself, it’s not a technique it’s just the normal thing to do. When you become aware of something negative you automatically stop fueling it. Of course, it takes time before the negativity can die away, because it has a lot of past momentum, so you have to allow time for it to dissolve – instead of constantly worrying about when it will dissolve.

Worrying ain’t taking you too far, instead it will bring about a mental block which will adversely affect your thought process. To top it worrying will not fetch you any solution also. 

Be Aware: Life Learning- Have Learning Attitude by The Sixth Element

The fact that you’ve become aware of a negativity is enough for it to dissolve, so your job is to just learn by bringing awareness to your resistances, and the growth will happen on its own. Negativity, that you have been carrying for years, needs time to dissolve even after you let go of it – it’s pure physics that a object which is already in motion requires time to stop even if you are not fueling it, it will move on its past momentum for a while and then be at rest.

Being Aware

The power of your awareness keeps growing when your attitude is to look within to detect the patterns of resistance/fears and negativity in your inner space. Rome wasn’t built overnight. You can’t achieve a strong awareness overnight, it takes time. It’s like when you wake up from sleep in the morning, it takes time to feel fully awake – so again you need to allow for this time instead of constantly being anxious about it. Of course, the anxiety happens when one is irritated with the present situation and wants to get out, but this anxiousness inherently is delaying the change. If worrying is happening from the past momentum of the mind, just let it be, don’t try to suppress it and don’t pay heed to it, just allow it to dissolve with an open mind. When you know your anxiety serves no purpose, you will no longer fuel this behavior in you.

When you’ve learnt what needs to be learnt from your present situation, you automatically move into a better phase (the one without the negative elements of the old situation). The attitude of learning ensures that you never get stuck and thus live out your potential to the maximum.

“Self-education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.”
―Isaac Asimov

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Entrepreneur, Business & Transformational Coach.

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